Stanton Detroit is an affiliate of Stanton Healthcare International, a life-affirming medical clinic, specializing in unexpected pregnancy care. We seek to make the womb a safer place to live by making Stanton Healthcare "The Right CHOICE for Women."

Stanton Healthcare's mission is to offer life-affirming options and resources to abortion vulnerable women; provide hope to those struggling from the pain of past abortion; and share the message of sexual integrity with this emerging generation - in a professional environment that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Stanton Healthcare was created so women had a life-affirming option when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  Not only do we support women through pregnancy but up to 18 months postpartum, and we develop relationships that last long beyond that!

We believe that women deserve access to quality health care.  At Stanton Detroit we are starting out by offering free shuttle service to help women (and their children) get to important medical appointments.  We also have a goal of opening Stanton Healthcare affiliate medical clinics in the city of Detroit.