Shuttle Service

Women deserve ACCESS to quality health care!  We truly believe this.  We also understand that you can’t have access if you can’t get there.  We are a life-affirming women’s support organization, and our goal is to help you get where you need to go.  Pregnancy requires a lot of doctor checkups to ensure the best care for you and your baby.  Our mission is to make sure that you make it to as many of these appointments as possible.

In order to schedule shuttle service please have your appointment information ready.

We will need to know:

  • The address where we will be picking you up.
  • The address of the appointment
  • The time of your appointment
  • Will we be returning you to the same address as pickup?

We will let you know what time we will be at your address to pick you up.  Please be ready so that we can get you there on time as well as be available to other clients for appointments before or after yours.

Client Application

Pop-up Boutiques

A pop-up boutique is when we set up at a temporary location to distribute necessary items to moms in the local community.  It could be at a local church, rescue mission, or community center.  Specific items are never guaranteed, and we offer what has been donated to us.  In order to best serve everyone in the community there will be limits on what can be taken by each family.  We will likely have items like maternity clothes, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, blankets, hats, and occasionally larger items such as swings, high chairs, bouncers, and so on.  If you would like to see a pop-up boutique in your neighborhood, or to find out if one is scheduled for your area, please email us at