Katie’s Story

This beautiful angel is my daughter who will be 27 years old this year but had a very rough start. I almost lost her twice during my pregnancy, but she hung in there until I was 34 weeks. The doctors realized I had DIC (Dissiminated Intravascular Coagulation) when I went into labor early and started hemorrhaging, both our lives were at risk. Did those doctors and nurses decide to try and save only me? No! They saved both of us. I went thru 12 hours of shots and bags of solution to try and stop my labor but nothing was going to stop it. The doctor finally came in after exhausting all his means and told me that he was going to try and let me have her. I said “ok” and all staff and nurses were standing by ready to help us. It was reassuring but I was still scared out of my mind. My daughter, Katie, had really slowed down on movement too at this point. She was under stress because of the long labor. I was extremely exhausted and had no idea what was going to happen with my baby.

Suddenly I thought I felt my water break, so I called for the nurses and to my surprise it wasn’t water, but BLOOD! I was literally hemorrhaging and bleeding to death. In all my life I have never seen doctors and nurses run and work as fast as they were in that moment! I vaguely remember them putting in the epidural and then they did the emergency c-section. They took Katie out and all I heard was a tiny wimper, then we need oxygen, code blue! My heart panicked I started breathing fast and said “ What’s wrong with my baby? Is she ok?” That’s the last thing I remember then they knocked me out because of my adrenaline rushing it was pumping my blood and causing me to lose even more. 

In the case of VA = Gov. Northam’s words I would have been one of those cases had I had that mind set to wait what were his words….Oh yeah “Resuscitate the child, keep it comfortable while the mother & Doctor decided what she wanted to do with the child!” 🤬

I remember waking up sometime later in my room not realizing it was all over wondering where she was. I demanded to see her. My ex showed me pictures of her and her fraile little body had tubes from every part it seemed. (The picture below is the actual very first picture I ever saw of my baby girl)

She was born at 4 lbs 21 in. Long but dropped to 3 lbs within a week. She had less than 40% chance survival rate and my little girl even quit breathing several times right after she was born and had to be resuscitated and was in the NICU for 3 weeks. I went to visit her later on that afternoon and didn’t realize how incredibly weak or sick I really was! My body reminded me real quick when I tried to get up and I passed out. The doctors determined both me and her were in desperate need of 2 blood transfusions. Thank god after my 2nd one I was ok and not in need of the frozen plasma like they feared I might be. 😭😭 

Today she is perfect, gorgeous, smart and funny with a beautiful heart! I have a son that is older and 4 angel babies that I lost before him. I am very lucky to be able to have been a mom and it has been the greatest job in life I have EVER had! But to see these women just disregard life the way they do saddens my heart so much! After my daughter I was told I could no longer have children. That was devastating for me but I’m thankful God gave me the two that I have! 🤗♥️ In other words because of the bleeding disorder that compromised my pregnancy it would not be advisable for me to have more children due to the safety of the child or I could lose my life as well. What happened to me is very rare and there are fewer than 20,000 cases per year that doctors see of this. Research is still going on and I pray one day they can find an answer as to why this happens! https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/…/disseminated-intravascular-coag…

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