Kyle’s Story

My husband Kyle was born with myelomeningocele spina bifida. What happens is the baby’s backbone, spinal cord, and spinal canal don’t close as they normally would. So this exposes the spinal chord and causes paralysis. The amount depends on the area affected. Kyle’s injury paralyzed him from the knee down.

To his parents, abortion was never an option. This was their son, regardless of any disability. That’s not to say there weren’t tears, worries, and sleepless nights. There were many doctor visits and surgeries. He had complications, like scoliosis, hydrocephalus, bladder difficulties; but despite all that, he was a happy kid and his parents loved him.

The doctors said he may never walk. Kyle learned to walk with crutches and braces.

During a scoliosis surgery, he had complications and injured his spine further, leading to him needing to use the wheelchair when he was 12. This didn’t stop him from living.

He learned to drive with hand controls at 16. Took several girls to the prom the same year (they all asked him). He went to college and graduated.

We met in 2014 and honestly, his disability was the last thing I noticed about him. He is funny, smart, and kind.

Having a child with a disability is scary, especially for parents. That’s not something to be glossed over, but it is worth it. If his parents had chosen abortion, I would not have my husband and the world would be less bright because of it. There is hope. Don’t give up on your children before they have a chance to show you how wonderful it could be.

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  1. Great story about Kyle! I know that you two are a great couple. I see how much you love him when you talk about him. You are both very lucky to have each other

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