Hannah’s Story

When I was pregnant with Hannah, the doctor’s told us that our little girl had Trisomy 18 and gave her a 15% chance of survival until her due date. If she did make it that long she would not survive out if the womb for very long. Due to several test results all stating the same, the doctors suggested termination.

Our hearts were shattered like they had never been before. As a mother, my mind was gone. The doctor was talking, and I heard nothing. All I could think of was the fact that I will have to say goodbye to my child. I may never get to see her, or hold her, hear her. Nothing. But, I also knew that if she did make it to term, I would cherish every breath she would take, every cry, every move. I wanted to meet her, and see her. I wanted her to know how much she was loved by me.

I will never forget the day she was born. February 27, 2006. On that day, I heard the most beautiful sound my ears have ever heard. My anesthesiologist patted my head, “Do you hear that Momma, the sound of a precious baby lamb.” Indeed. A precious baby lamb. Her soft cries filled my heart as I waited for the nurses to bring her. We were all watching with complete focus on what was being said by our medical team. She was placed in my arms. A perfect little girl.

Today, Hannah is a bubbly 13 year old. She is an incredibly bright child, with a strong passion for dance. She is deeply loved and cherished every day and is a treasured blessing.

I share her story because it is important that parents know and understand that doctors, ultrasounds, blood tests can be wrong. No matter what the percentages are, there is always hope. Hannah’s story isn’t unique. I have learned through the years that there are many families that have faced these same odds head on, and those odds have been completely wrong as well. All of that said, I am thankful that I chose life. even if the results were different, even if it meant pain for my family. I wanted every second I could to love her. That is the choice I made. I did it for love.


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