Stories of Hope!

It was a cold January day and a young woman is still getting the hang of her relatively new job as “Mom.”  Her 6 month old baby boy is a joyful addition to the family, but she is struggling because she isn’t feeling well; and with her husband recently laid off from his job, money is tight.  Too tight for a doctor visit.  The young mother turns to Planned Parenthood because of their promise to care for clients who can’t pay.  She is confident that she has a bladder infection and is hoping they will be able to prescribe medication to help it clear up.  She sits in the small room waiting for the nurse to return with her test results.  Her infant son touches her face and giggles with delight as she bounces him on her knee & plays Peek-a boo with his blanket to keep him entertained.
The door opens and a nurse walks in with a file in hand.  The nurse smiles, comments on how cute her little boy is, and asks how old he is? The mother answers “Thanks, we think so too. He is 6 months old.” The nurse then said, “Oh that’s not too bad. They will be about 15 months apart. My sisters are only 13 months apart.” The mother looked confused and questioned the nurse. “Excuse me? I came in here for a bladder infection, not a pregnancy test.” The nurse answered, “Honey I don’t care what you came in here for, you are going out pregnant. The test came up positive immediately.”  The mother burst into tears, from the shocking news. The first thought that went through her mind was, “Oh my husband is going to be upset with this news and him out of work.”  The nurse pauses again, this time to see how the young mother will respond.  The nurse can see the shock on her face, and the mothers mind scrambles to make sense of the words she just heard.
She loves being a mother, but it is a hard job.  The hardest she’s ever had.  With her husband out of work, how would they afford another baby so soon after having their first child?  As much as she loves children and did want more some day, she wasn’t prepared for this. Not yet.
The nurse sees her opportunity and speaks quickly.  “You know you do not have to have this baby, we can take care of this today.  Your husband doesn’t even have to know.”  The mother looks at the nurse in shock. “I’m not going to KILL my baby, I just need time to process this information and adjust to the idea that I’m going to have another one.”

The woman in this story is my mother, and the baby she was pregnant with was me!  I was fortunate that my mother was a God-fearing woman and she understood the value of a life, even an unexpected one; but too many children are not as lucky.  Whether it is because their mothers are not educated, or they have bought into the lie that abortion is “health care.”
On January 22, 2019 New York was the first state to pass a bill that legalized abortion until the moment of birth. Abortion advocates continue to argue that the bill only allows abortion beyond 24 weeks “if the mother’s health is at risk, or if there is an absence of fetal viability.”  The problem with this is the vagueness of “the mothers health.”  Then on Wednesday February 6, 2019 New Mexico passed the most extreme pro-abortion bill yet.  HB-51 not only permits abortion up until birth and eliminates restrictions such as parental involvement for minors, but it also erases the only explicit conscience protection for doctors and other medical professionals that protect them from being forced to participate in abortions!
With so many other states following suit, families are speaking up and sharing their stories.  Over the last year I have seen countless stories about a mother’s health being at risk, or a child diagnosed with fatal fetal abnormalities, but the parents chose hope and LIFE.  Many women believed that they didn’t have to choose between their own life and the life of their child.  They had hope that despite a grim diagnosis, their child would survive and thrive because they would be loved and cared for.  They had hope that their child would have a life worth living.
At Stanton, we believe that all people were created in the image of God.  Women deserve better than abortion.  Women deserve quality healthcare.  Doctors have two patients, mother AND child, and human rights begin in the womb.  It is our goal to help women find hope, so that they and their children can be well.
We are dedicating this space to sharing their stories.
Stories of HOPE!
For Life,
Britta Menzel
Executive Director
Stanton Detroit

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